17 Milepost

Welcome to 17 Milepost
An exquisite dining experience awaits you. Located at 17 Mile Post, Newcastle in the hills above Irish Town,just two miles above Strawberry Hill and below the Blue and John Crow Mountains and Holywell National Park, Jamaica is EITS "Europe in the Summer" Restaurant and Cafe.


EITS provides you with a diverse and outstanding fusion of Jamaican and European cuisine to please every palate.From the farm to the fork. EITS incorporates Produce, Salad Greens and Herbs from the Food Basket Farm into all delectable dishes.The scent of freshly brewed Blue Mountain coffee tickles the senses and you can't resist the temptation for a one of a kind coffee based beverage with a homemade authentic Jamaican dessert to complete the meal.

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Mount Edge Guest House

The all wooden buildings, perched on the hillside in the Blue Mountains 3500 ft above sea level with the river below, is known as Mount Edge Guest House. We are featured in Rough Guides and Lonely Planet travel guides to name a few. We are located about 30 minutes from the Reggae capital of the world, Kingston.

The main building has two private rooms with shared bathroom, spacious living and dining room. There are also three cottages all with double beds and own bathrooms and another building with bunk beds for four. Both have an adjoining bathroom and hot and cold water with breathtaking views.

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Food Basket Farm

Food Basket Farm provides a wide range of farm produce, salads and herbs, some of them unique in Jamaïca. The agriculture industry is expanding in Jamaïca, however there is no ready access to a wide variety of seedlings, thereby limiting farmers. Food Basket Farm also has an advantage in terms of the location, cool climate and the richness of the soil.

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17 Mile Post is a family project run by father and daughter, Michael and Robyn Fox with “3-in-1 @ 1 location” including Mount Edge Guest House, EITS Café and Food Basket Farm. 

Mount Edge Guest House is strategically located in the hills of Newcastle, 17 miles from the largest city in Jamaica, Kingston. This location provides great opportunities because it is within easy driving distance from Kingston and the Norman Manley International Airport. This is appealing to both residents and visitors. There is a good fit with EITS Café and Food Basket Farm. People have become health conscious and so appreciate the freshness in the “Farm to Table” concept.

Food Basket delivery service gives customers the opportunity to have fresh, pesticide-free, salad greens, herbs and produce, delivered to their doorstep while EITS offers meals created with the Food Basket Farm produce incorporating a fusion of European and Jamaican cuisine!

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